More testimonials for the Happy Babies Antenatal, Baby & Parenting classes for Mums & Dads

Lovely class that I looked forward to and enjoyed very much! Definitely made me feel more confident and reassured

RT, Dorchester

Mary-Clare Buckle - Antenatal, Baby and Parenting classes for Mums and Dads - Weymouth Dorchester and Bridport

Your Parenting course had a really positive impact on both of us. I feel very blessed to have been supported so well throughout my journey and also to the lovely people-yourself included - that I've met throughout my pregnancy

JE, Dorchester

Very knowledgeable, and able to provide a lot of support and advice. Liked how flexible, approachable and friendly the consultant was. I really appreciate the support provided. I feel much more calm and supported and therefore likely to use her again in future and recommend to friends

EL, Dorchester

Individual service where they tailored our session to focus on what I wanted and needed. Really positive experience and can't recommend enough. Started at 11 weeks so it's never too late to start babywearing. Have a feeling this will be a game changer and enable me to do so much more with my little one

DB, Dorchester

Thank you for coming to our playgroup to demonstrate and talk through your massive selection of slings. You have such a variety and great knowledge which many of the mum's really appreciated. Thank you

Wyke Weenies Playgroup, Weymouth

We popped in to the monthly drop in session for some advice on a sling we bought before we even knew about West Dorset Slings. Mary-Clare was great. So calm and patient she gave us loads of tweaks for how to improve wearing the sling. We went in only using it occasionally because we were worried about it putting too much strain in our baby' s neck... We walked out both feeling so much more confident knowing how to wear the sling properly with our little one feeling much more snug and secure in it. We would definitely recommend. They have a wealth of expertise and we will certainly buy a new sling from West Dorset Slings if we need a new one

AM, Weymouth

I really enjoyed it and thought it was really useful to show me how flexible it can be, and fun

KE, Weymouth ('Starting Solids' workshop)

Happy new parents with their baby - Antenatal, Baby and Parenting classes for Mums and Dads - Weymouth Dorchester and Bridport

Thank you Mary-Clare for your help and advice at the Sling Library. It is always lovely to pop in and try something new. Highly recommend

CG, Weymouth

An excellent service. I was looking for something very specific when my little boy outgrew his fabric sling and wasn't really sure where to start. Mary-Clare has an extensive knowledge of baby wearing. Despite lockdown preventing me from physically going to the sling library, she spent a lot of time advising me over the phone on various slings I could try (among other baby related topics including sleep!). I have now found something that is perfect for me, and would definitely turn to Mary-Clare for help choosing a sling in the future. Thank you! *****

NH, Dorchester

Turned to Mary-Clare for advice on a sling for back carrying my 2.5 year old. Wish I had got advice when my little one was small, all the different slings were great and I will definitely ask for her advice when I have another baby. She was very calm and patient with me and my toddler. We ended up having some fitting advice on our current sling which made all the difference. The Biggest thing was learning how to pick my toddler up in the superman carry to easily place her on my back! Thank you for running this great service.

LT, Lyme Regis (nr Bridport)

Incredibly helpful and lovely people who know everything there is to know about slings, how to use them properly and tips for making them comfy and tips for using to make life easier. Would definitely recommend if you want to know anything about or have a chat about carrying little ones. Thanks Mary-Clare, you've made my parenting experience a lot easier!

KE, Weymouth

Mary-Clare was so helpful and fitted me with a brilliant carrier that is really comfortable and was very helpful financially she is such a lovely woman.

EH Bridport

Thank you so much for your help with purchasing slings and the advice for them. Very friendly and helpful people

HR, Dorchester

... so grateful for the walks, such a lifeline

KE, Weymouth


You can ring me on 01305 871561 or 07775 656782 and/or visit me to try or buy carriers/slings (please ring first!) at 13 Market Street Abbotsbury DT3 4JR. You can also email me on

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